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just finger lickingly delicious


  • starters and desserts are given one serve per person whereas mains are bottomless
  • no takeaway of the leftovers from the banquet order
  • minimum 4 persons

at the dosa hub all mains dishes will be provided with a complimentary bowl of steamed basmati rice
the dosa hub pride themselves in making dishes as fresh as possible. to maintain consistent freshness in our dishes all of them are made to order, so minimum turnaround time will be 21 minutes for every order. we will promise to improve this as we go without compromising in quality and freshness
we use only halal meats in our preparations



The Dosa's

a delectable savoury crêpe, made with a finely ground batter of rice and lentils, the dosa is a dish from the southern parts of india, with a variant from every region. in every preparation, the dosa is enticingly aromatic and intensely satisfying. it is gluten-free and light on the stomach, with a uniquely arousing flavour, enhanced by the accompaniments of chutney and sambar (a thin spicy-sour lentil stew).

the best way to enjoy a dosa
they say, if you haven’t touched the dosa with your fingers and felt the wet chutney and warm sambar around your fingers-tips, you haven’t really enjoyed the pleasure of eating a dosa.

break a small piece of the dosa and dip it in the accompanying chutney (coconut or peanut chutney). place the dipped piece of dosa in your mouth and relish the taste for just a moment before adding a spoon full of sambar to the delectable mixture of dosa and chutney to get a heady blend of flavours that will have you coming back for more, again and again.

The Hyderabadi Biryani’s

The Hyderabadi Biryani’s

the origin of the famous hyderabadi biryani goes back to the 17th century when the asaf jahi dynasty migrated from the samarkand region in modern day uzbekistan, to the indian sub-continent and ruled the nizam-ul-mulk of hyderabad for more than two centuries.

one of their greatest contributions to history has been the blending of mughlai richness and andhra spiciness to the cuisines which led to the creation of a spicy, mouth-watering, intensely flavoured, rich, painstakingly created rice preparation called the dum biryani.

a kachhi hyderabad biryani reflects the traditional method the nawab’s kitchens pioneered, where meat or vegetables were marinated in spices and placed in the bottom of a thick wide copper pan, above which layers of half-cooked basmati rice were placed, a thick lid packed to stop the steam from escaping while the dish cooked slowly, with burning charcoal on the top of the lid which infused the rice with a smoky flavour. this style of cooking was known as dum

you can taste a pale version of this biryani in restaurants and homes across the world, but since they do not follow the elaborate and important kachhi process, that authentic flavour and richness is absolutely lost.

the dosa hub team researched the kachhi method, interviewed several home chefs whose ancestors worked in the famous kitchens of the nizam, cross-verifying with manuscripts collecting dust in the hyderabad state central library, and finally extracted the renowned recipe that was almost lost to the sands of time.

and now, the dosa hub brings exclusively for you the authentic hyderabadi kachhi biryani. you wont get to taste this in almost any restaurant in the world!

The Great Indian Thali

full meals

The Great Indian Thali

thali literally means a very large metal plate or circular tray. traditionally, the indian meal is made up of a selection of various dishes, served in small bowls called katori, which are placed on the tray. dishes consist of delicacies that thali begin with starters along with breads and then includes different specialities (curries), followed by rice and dal, wrapping it up with a sweet dish at the end. at the dosa hub our thalis are “limitless” – you can take refills as many times as you like. the idea is to feed you until you are fully satisfied – that is the indian tradition – no one goes home hungry

1.vegetable fry (seasonal), 2. pickles – seasonal avakaya / pickle, fresh chutney and pachranga pickle, 3. powders (podi’s) – ground nut , mixed lentils and roasted chick pea, 4. egetable curry – steam cooked (seasonal), 5. special seasonal dal, 6. madras sambar, 7. pepper rasam, 8. pulusu, 9. majjiga pulusu, 10. vegetable salad, papad and salted chili, 11. seasonal variety rice (house choice), 12. steamed rice, 13. sweet of the day, 14. hot ghee, 15. vegetarian curry / non veg curry / seafood curry (house choice as per meal), 16. special naan

Kid’s Special

Kid’s Special

the dosa hub has something for everyone – and we have something special for the kids. keeping in mind their delicate taste buds and their zest for something fun, dosa hub have carefully selected dishes to create a menu that kids will surely enjoy



  • mini butter naan & steamed basmati rice
  • can of soft drink or small fruit juice
  • all items are one serve per kid
  • no takeaway of the leftovers from kids special
  • no sharing
  • per kid 12.9
The Delicacies Around India

india's food integrity

The Delicacies Around India

  • available only on friday, saturday & sunday
Drinks of The Dosa Hub

Drinks of The Dosa Hub


  • b y o wines only ; corkage 4.9 per person
  • menu items and prices will change without any prior notice