Our Story

Our Story

India is home to many cultures and over the years has developed a rich treasure trove of heritages. Just look at the many varieties of cuisines and cooking techniques that India teaches to the world! Simple and delicious dishes rich in nutrition and health made using the finest, the most succulent herbs, spices, grains and vegetables. Two dishes that are icons for authentic Indian cuisine are the Dosa and The Dum Biryani. THE DOSA HUB Indian Restaurant, based in Australia, is inspired by the simple yet multi-layered process of creating these dishes and is proud to announce they offer the perfect, traditional, nutritious and mouth-watering dosas and dum biryanis.

The Idea

The Dosa Hub Indian Restaurant story started when Adarsh, the founder wondered how to offer something unique and part of the great Indian tradition to the community in Sydney he was a part of.

The answer was obvious. The dosa. A dosa is essentially a crepe made with a fermented batter of ground rice and lentils. It is one of the most aromatic, intense and deliciously light and easy to digest, gluten-free South Indian dishes.

He got together with his friends Raj & Sujatha and his wife Kalpana, dug deep into old family recipe books to find that one ingredient, that one step, that’s missing in today’s rushed, modern dosa. They reviewed many recipes, observed and understood the science of making the perfect batter. They finally mastered the art of the dosa. Their research and dedication to perfection have helped them develop a process that standardises the quantities of the ingredients, their quality and the time required for each step!

The Regal Dum Biryani

The Dum Biryani was part of the dosa story as well. Adarsh decided it would be good to offer people a taste of something that was at once delicious, bursting with flavours and a real slice of history. Answer… the regal Dum Biryani.

A Kachhi Hyderabad Biryani reflects the traditional method the Nawab’s kitchens pioneered, where meat or vegetables were marinated in spices and placed in the bottom of a thick wide copper pan, above which layers of half cooked basmati rice were placed, a thick lid packed with dough stopped steam from escaping while the dish cooked slowly, with burning charcoal on the top of the lid which infused the rice with a smoky flavour.

You can taste a pale version of this biryani in Indian restaurants and homes across the world, but since they do not follow the elaborate and important Kachhi process, that authentic flavour and richness are absolutely lost. The Dosa Hub Indian Restaurant team researched the Kachhi method and interviewed several home chefs whose ancestors worked in the famous kitchens of the Nizam and have that renowned recipe. This was cross-verified with manuscripts collecting dust in the Hyderabad State Central Library.

And now, The Dosa Hub Indian Restaurant offers the authentic Hyderabadi Kachhi Biryani, which is hard to find in any food joint in the world!

The Standards

The Dosa Hub’s mission is to create their very own brand of homemade dosas , biryani’s and traditional Indian curries that will be recognised and loved and deliver it to every Australian, at a very reasonable price.

They are well versed with the Australian food habits and adhere to the highest standards of quality. Right from the start, the Dosa Hub team has stayed committed to adhering to the Global Food Safety Standards, ensuring the presence of competent food safety supervisors and adopting a well-devised process right from material sourcing to plating the dish.

The Restaurant

The Dosa Hub Indian Restaurant started their journey in 2012 at Sydney with a live counter in a council event at Sydney, New South Wales from there they researched, tested promoted dosas at different council events, food festivals, street fairs, gatherings etc in Australia by making the authentic dosas, biryani’s and curries in live counters. After successful market testing with a dossier of standard recipes and operating procedures, And on the consistent demand from their customers In 2015 March, they started A Model Restaurant at 86, Great North Rd, Five Dock, NSW. This Indian restaurant has a capacity to accommodate 100 customers at a time along with 172 public car parks just behind the restaurant, State of the Art Live Dosa Pan, Open Kitchen, Footpath seating and best bar with a fine collection of wines and spirits

The Team

The Team

Kalpana Mamidala  Kalpana - south indian restaurant sydney
She aims at climbing to the top, but has the courage to take the hard and long way there. Kalpana started off her career in new media as an account manager, established her own advertising company in India focusing on small and medium scale business promotions. Then, five years ago she moved to Australia and joined a retail giant in customer service. She climbed up the ladder and became manager of a prime store. A vivacious and smart management graduate, Kalpana has a special talent for managing events. Her superpower is her great instinct for customer service and marketing. This is why her team often sees her sprinting smoothly towards deadlines, ensuring that everything gets done on time.

adarsh - south indian restaurant sydneyAdarsh K Poondla
The man with the stopwatch and the kitchen scales. Adarsh’s hawkeyes ensure that the ingredients used are of the right quality, that they are processed correctly and that they are served with care. A photographer, designer, traveller, planner and a perfectionist Adarsh brings method to the madness of cooking. Before donning the entrepreneur chef’s hat, Adarsh has provided business consulting on a turnkey basis, including planning and project financing for many budding companies that are today hugely successful. As an IT business analyst, Adarsh has provided consulting for Airlines, Banks, Retail and Healthcare firms. Using his acumen for understanding trends and decoding figures, Adarsh makes possible what seems impossible. A sensitive and caring young man, Adarsh loves his team and they adore working with him.

Sujatha - south indian restaurant sydneySujatha Pendyala
Having worked in Customer Service for many years, Sujatha is a people person. Her highly motivating attitude empowered her to work with (national and international) BSNL India, as surveyor with TNS New Zealand, collection officer Bay Corp NZ and Bay Corp Australia. She has gained valuable experience in training new recruits. Being an excellent cook she has helped standardise products for The Dosa Hub.

raj - south indian restaurant sydneyRajasekhar Pendyala
Rajasekhar has strong people management skills and has worked in several industries in the last 25 years. An engineering graduate, he has worked for automobile companies and has also gained a lot of experience in the food industry. He has worked for many globally reputed food franchisees such as KFC, Pizza Hut, etc. He also has the enviable experience of starting up an Indian restaurant in New Zealand, which has been quite a success. He has a rich experience in the retail sector as well. Rajasekhar is the best candidate to take over the role of managing director for The Dosa Hub. He is also a religious man and hearing him sing Hindu devotional songs is quite a restful treat for the mind